Electoral Systems 
Administration and Cost of Elections Project 
Ausflag - voting rights in Australia 
Australian Electoral Commission Report on Electoral Systems 
CAFE Progressive Resource Directory: Electoral Reform 
Condorcet's Method - links and interactive demonstration 
The Condorcet Electoral System by Lucien Saumur 
Democracy Evolves - voting methods for elections and meetings 
Democratic Design Forum (alternative electoral systems) 
Electoral Reform Coalition (NZ) 
Electoral Systems from Electoral Change Coalition of British Columbia 
Electoral Systems and Data for Latin America from Georgetown. 
Electoral Systems Overview 
Electoral Reform Society 
Hare's Method (Single Transferable Vote) 
IDEA Handbook on Electoral System Design 
International Foundation for Electoral Systems - supports electoral and other democratic institutions in emerging, evolving and experienced democracies (English/Spanish) 
The Electoral System in Israel 
Jenkins Commission on the UK Electoral System 
PR Bibliography from Mt Holyoke 
PR Library 
PR Squared 
Representation and Democracy collection of readings on PR 
Elections and Electoral Data
Election Resources on the Internet 
Elections, Results and Voting Systems 
Les Elections Dans le Monde 
Elections and Electoral Systems Around the World from Keele University 
Election Notes - daily news about elections around the world 
Election Watch from The Journal of Democracy 
Elections around the World 
Elections around the World Calendar 
Maximiliano Herrer's Electoral Calendar 
Electoral Data Sources on the Internet 
Latin American Electoral Observatory from LANIC 
International Election Calendar 
IFES Election Calendar 
IFES Election Guide 
Lijphart Elections Archive 
Voter Turnout Statistics from the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance with data from 171 independent states and since 1945 
Other Sites 
Approval Voting Home Page 
Center for Voting and Democracy 

Fundación Internacional de Sistemas de Elecciones 

The International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES) is a private, nonprofit organization established in 1987.