Annual Report on International Religious Freedom (State Department)

    • Extensive country reports on religious rights
    • Includes percent of religious adherents, outbreaks of violence
    • Government laws protecting religious freedom

Crosspoint Anti-Racisim

    • Annotated links to 1500 organizations fighting racism around the world
    • Primarily arranged by country

Forced Migration Projects

    • Special reports on forced migration, especially in Russia and the former Yugoslavia
    • Covers causes and repatriation issues, such as property laws

International Freedom of Expression Clearing House

    • Searchable data base of 4500 action alerts and news items on freedom of expression abuses in various countries

Internet in the MidEast and North Africa: Free Expression and Censorship (Human Rights Watch)

    • A 1999 report examining the laws and censorship in Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Tunisia and Yemen
    • Policy recommendations

Privacy International

    • Individual reports for 50 countries on privacy issues and laws
    • Extensive material on general privacy issues, including Freedom of Information, national ID cards, electronic money, electronic surveillance, And workplace surveillance

Religious Rights (UNESCO)

    • Religious rights provisions of individual national constitutions
    • International treaties with religious rights provisions
    • Bibliography of sources and discussion groups

Women 2000: Gender Equality, Development and Peace for the 21st Century

    • Web site of the Special UN General Assembly Session of June 2000, known as "Beijing +5"
    • Progress and obstacles to women's progress in health, poverty, safety, education, economics
    • Country reports from government and non-government sources
    • Links to UN web sites on improving the status of women

Women's Human Rights Resources (Univ.Toronto)

    • Treaties, conventions and web links to resources on women's rights around the world
    • Subjects include education, genital mutiliation, girls, housing, health, marriage, slavery, and violence
    • Carefully annotated





Freedom House Condemns Cuban Government's Arrest of Czech Citizens
January 16, 2001


Global Democracy Continues Forward March
December 20, 2000

Vietnam's Campaign to Suppress Protestant Churches Revealed in New Official Documents Released by Freedom House
November 9, 2000

Sudan Loss at UN Applauded by Human Rights Coalition
October 12, 2000

Yugoslav Election Update
September 27, 2000

Freedom House Condemns Indictment of Egyptian Democracy Advocate
September 25, 2000

Freedom House Executive Director Receives Romania's "National Order for Merit"
September 11, 2000

International NGO Forum Calls for World's Democracies to Unite
June 27, 2000

US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright Praises World Forum Participants
June 26, 2000

Alejandro Toledo, George Soros Adress World Forum on Democracy
June 25, 2000

George Soros, Kori Annan, Alejandro Toledo To Address International Democracy Conference
June 16, 2000

Commentary Trade Alone Won't Do It, by Adrian Karatnycky
May 30, 2000

Freedom House, Other NGOs under Attack by Dictatorships at United Nations
May 23, 2000

Internet Censorship Newest Threat to Press Freedom
April 17, 2000

High Ranking Serbian Delegation Visits Washington
April 6, 2000

Freedom House to Censure China and Cuba at UN Human Rights Commission
March 28, 2000

Essay Freedom: A Century of Progress, by Adrian Karatnycky
The 1999 - 2000 Freedom House Survey


Democracy Momentum Sustained As "Freedom's Century" Ends
December 21, 1999

End of Century Survey Finds Dramatic Gains for Democracy
December 7, 1999

Freedom House Announces First World Forum on Democracy
November 23, 1999

Global Press Freedom Declines. Freedom House Cites "Censorship by Stealth"
April 29, 1999

Freedom House Calls on UN to Investigate Cuba, Claims Rights Situation Deteriorating
April 15, 1999

Freedom House Attacked by Cuban Regime
April 9, 1999


Survey Finds Majority of UN States Suffer from Weak Rule of Law and Significant Human Rights Violations
December 21, 1998

Major Gains for Liberty in 1998, Survey Finds
December 21, 1998

Study Warns of Deepening Crisis in Post-Communist Societies
November 29, 1998